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Pikachu has a new song, PIKA to PIKO, from the hand of a Japanese superstar



Pikachu has a new song, PIKA to PIKO, from the hand of a Japanese superstar

PIKA to PIKO, the singer who revolutionized social networks with his sarcastic song “Pen Pinneaple Apple Pen”, has returned to the load with a new song. And this time he has done it with a very special collaboration … ¡Pikachu!

During the Pokémon Virtual Fest – an online event with a virtual amusement park – held at the end of August, Pikotaro made a stellar appearance and surprised everyone with a very funny song alongside Pikachu..

In his new song, Pikotaro seems to try to translate everything Pikachu is singing. So on several occasions a little confusion arises between the two, making Pikachu have to repeat the words over and over again, and this makes the video clip of the song simply wonderful. And we must admit that the chorus does not lack rhythm.

The song is titled «PIKA to PIKO», which seems to imply that (Pika) chu sings for (Piko) taro. Also, the Pokémon creature wears the same sunglasses and scarf. While for her part, Pikotaro wears the cheeks painted like Pikachu and her adorable little ears. After watching the video, it is very likely that you will ask yourself the question “what the hell did I just see?”, But you have to admit that the song has a lot of rhythm and is very funny.

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