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Pimp Home Office: You can work comfortably at home for only 20 Euros




Promotions at MediaMarkt and Saturn

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Working in the home office was pleasant at first, but annoying in the long run. Because amenities such as a second display are often missing. Saturn and MediaMarkt provide a remedy and provide some gadgets to pimp your home office in online stores. For just 20 Euros you get even more comfort.

Workplaces in home offices often lack comfort.

Workplaces in home offices often lack comfort. [Source: EdZbarzhyvetsky /]

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  1. Second display, starting from 99 Euros

  2. Cheap laptop for less than 300 euros

  3. Mouse and keyboard

  4. Full home office starts at € 500

Due to the corona crisis, for many employees across the country, working in the Ministry of the Interior is a daily job. Most people quickly know that one or the other is missing from the workplace at home, so working here is always fun. The stupid retail industry has closed. You can still pimp your home office. Retailers MediaMarkt and Saturn currently offer many products, especially for home offices in their online stores. For just € 20, you can make your workplace at home more comfortable. We have chosen exciting deals for you.

Second display, starting from 99 Euros

Many employers provide notebooks for employees to work from home offices or on the go. These usually only offer small screens with a diagonal of 13 to 17 inches. If you work in your home office for a few weeks now, you will soon miss the big screen. Therefore, a second display is required. This has been launched in Saturn and MediaMarkt as part of a home office event for less than 100 Euros:

HP ProDisplay P232 "Class =" image

HP ProDisplay P232

€ 99.00€ 177.00-44%

With HP ProDisplay P232, you can take your second cheap monitor home. Working on a 23-inch Full HD screen is definitely more enjoyable than working on a laptop screen. The € 99 display offers Full HD resolution and can be addressed via VGA and Displayport.

Go to MediaMarkt's offer

Macro cer Nitro QG271 "class =" image

Acer cerNitro QG271

€ 139.00€ 189.95-26%

You have to spend more on Acer Nitro QG271. However, you also get larger diagonal pictures. The gaming monitor offers a 27-inch Full HD display that can be addressed via VGA or HDMI. At Saturn, you currently buy it particularly cheaply. The dealer charges 139 euros and at least 20 euros with other providers.

Quote to Saturn

Cheap laptop for less than 300 euros

With a laptop, you will be more flexible in your home office, for example, you can also work in your balcony or garden. If you have only one desktop at home and in your company, you should consider buying a laptop. Cheaper models under 300 euros are enough to work in a home office. Using this model, you can buy freedom for your own home office:

Dell "class =" image

DELL Inspiron 3482

€ 289.00€ 349.00-17%

You currently purchase the Dell Inspiron 3482 for € 289.99. The price is reasonable, as laptops still sell for at least 349 Euros at other retailers. The laptop has a 14-inch display and a 128 GB fast SSD. It has an Intel Pentium Silver processor inside and 4 GB of RAM. Compared to the prices of other dealers, you save about 60 Euros on purchases.

Go to MediaMarkt's offer

Lenovo Chromebook S340 "class =" image

Mouse and keyboard

Typing on a laptop keyboard is not entirely ergonomic. Therefore, it is recommended to connect a decent keyboard and mouse to your laptop during a longer session. At Saturn, you get the corresponding mouse, keyboard and mouse pad set for just 17 euros:

Keyboard and mouse "class =" image

Full home office starts at € 500

Who was a foreign language before the Corona Crisis Home Office is now available at MediaMarkt and Saturn with a complete bundle including notebooks, monitors and a few other items:

Home Office 500 "Class =" Image

HP Pavilion "Category =" Picture

We used price search engine for price comparison. We reserve the right to exclude individual suppliers from the comparison-for example, because of lower or lower ratings, or because the product is out of stock.

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