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Plans for Wall Street GameStop movies are already under development

Monday, February 1, 2021, Dom Peppiatt, Greenwich Mean Time

Movies based on ongoing turbulent events GameStop / Reddit inventory status Already at work.

In a new report by Deadline, there is news that MGM has obtained the rights to the proposal for a new book title called “Anti-Social Network” from the author Ben Mezrich (Ben Mezrich).

This book will follow the events of “a group of weirdos made up of amateur investors, gamers, and Internet trolls” who through investment, coordination, and the role of bankers, “brought Wall Street to its knees.”

Obviously, Mezrich and his representatives began to share the proposal on the market from the end of last week, when the whole story was still in its infancy, and by Friday night, MGM had taken steps to obtain the copyright of the story.

However, Menzrich has experience in telling such stories. The author is the thinking behind “The Accidental Billionaire: The Creation of Facebook, Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal”-otherwise, you might know it by the name it was in theaters: the social network.

Although the story about what is happening in GameStop and Reddit’s WallStreetBets community is still ongoing, Deadline noted that the project is “considered a priority.”

We thought the final story would happen between the Wolf of Wall Street and the social network-although names such as DeepFuckingValue, BootySenpai and 1daBread avoided Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin.

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