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Platinum boss thinks jump to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X won’t be as groundbreaking as Switch




It is clear that there is less and less to have among us those so longed for new generation video game consoles. Lately we are receiving, every two by three, news that encourages us to start getting excited with the, more than possible, graphics power that both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will have.


The change of generation is a time of illusion, of feeling closer and closer to a new technology that aims to be promising. Until Atsushi Inaba arrives.

One of the great positions of Platinum Games is not so convinced that Series X or PlayStation 5 become so “surprising”, in terms of innovation, than it was Nintendo Switch in its day. Inaba give as an example of what he understands as innovation the hybrid option of the Nintendo console being, for him, the clear example that companies would have to follow in order to raise the future of game consoles


“I don't want to sound like, ‘hey, I know all about the new consoles and they're boring.' But with the information I have now, I have not seen extremely big surprises »

Atsushi Inaba comments that, for him, not everything is better graphics for something to be fresh in the industry, setting the example of the Game Boy and DS generations, in the aspect of offering news to users.

“When you're just seeing graphical enhancements or just ‘faster, bigger' … it's obviously nice, but it doesn't have the same inventive quality that really surprised me with past consoles.
There is no extreme surprise or unexpected quality that I felt from the jump to the previous consoles. Now I see the ads and I think, ‘oh that's great,' and then the next minute, I think, ‘What should I watch on Netflix tonight?' “

Still Inaba supports and believes as something favorable for the industry that developers have better technology when working on new projects.


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