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Platinum Games denies that it was bought by Microsoft




Platinum Games Signs Agreement with Tencent

The Japanese video game developer company Platinum Games Inc. was in a very serious crisis. Many of their projects were canceled, and they didn't announce any news in a long time. After this crisis, the rumors about Microsoft's interest in buying the companyAlthough, supposedly, they did not come to fruition.

Now that Platinum Games are trying to recover, obtaining capital from Tencent, and have recently released the title The Wonderful 101: Remastered. In addition, they have certain projects in hand. But first of all, they wanted to make it very clear that their company is not for sale.

In an interview with VGC, Production Director Atsushi Inaba wanted to deny rumors about the possible acquisition of Platinum Games by Microsoft. He said it was “crazy” and, in his words, Microsoft had not approached them to acquire the company. and Platinum Games also had no interest in selling.

“I read some rumors about Xbox wanting to buy Platinum Games, and I thought, people on the Internet write crazy things, because that conversation has never come to our doors.”

Although, on the other hand, Atsushi Inaba stressed that he does not know what is happening behind the doors of Microsoft. Dropping, in this way, that perhaps the rumors about the acquisition of Platinum Games could have come from the multinational company of Redmond.


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