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Play Stellaris for free this week to celebrate its fourth anniversary




When you think of Paradox, what comes to mind are strategy games. On a large scale, with two menus that can absorb us for tons of hours. Stellaris it's just that, but in space, and has been a benchmark for four years.

To celebrate the anniversary, Paradox has released the new 2.7 update, along with a promotion for play it for free on steam from right now until this Sunday, May 17

. Take advantage of the opportunity, because it is well deserved.

As usually happens with these free tests, you will not keep it forever when the period ends. However, you have five days to play it in depth and, if it convinces you, there is a 75% discount that leaves it at only 9.99 euros. Unfortunately, expansions aren't included in the free promotion, though they're also discounted to commemorate the game's anniversary.

What you will be able to experience will be What's New in Update 2.7, which adds visual improvements to make the experience more attractive and immersive. If your thing is large-scale space strategy, don't miss this opportunity and give a touch to Stellaris. Being in quarantine, nothing better than a game to spend tens and tens of hours.


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