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PlayStation 4: Firmware update 8.00 with some new features!



PlayStation 4: Firmware update 8.00 with some new features!

Sony is upgrade the PlayStation 4 system software to version 8.00.

On board are the change to the version 8.00, due to some new features.

The new firmware update with version number 8.00 for the PlayStation 4 is available for download from today.

And according to the jump to the next whole digit, the update includes not only improvements in system stability and general security, but also new features, most likely the last ones before the change to the next console generation

, as it already sets the course for the introduction of the PS5.

Update 8.00 will bring party and messages closer together and redesign the user interface. Instead of setting up their own groups of players for both apps, they can now access the same groups via Party for voice chats and message exchange.

So it will be possible to create a party chat or send a message to a group that you have previously communicated with on the PS4. Sony also assures that this will also apply to the PS5.

In addition, with the update, you can choose from a number of new avatars, including some from The Last of Us (Part 2), Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Journey and Ghost of Tsushima


Security is also being screwed elsewhere. The two-step verification is now extended to the activation process and the 2SV registration via the PS4, mobile devices and the Internet and now also supports third-party authentication apps.

Remote Play app for mobile devices and PC.

This will be changed to “PS Remote Play” and the ability to connect to the PS5 will be added. To do this, however, it will first be necessary to log into the PlayStation Network from a PS5.

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