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PlayStation Now: infiltration, versus-fighting and hacking on the July menu! – News



PlayStation Now: infiltration, versus-fighting and hacking on the July menu!  – News

Discover the games that join the PlayStation Now catalog from this July.

Watch Dogs 2

After Chicago in the first episode, the San Francisco Bay area is now adopting the famous ctOS surveillance system. Marcus Holloway, a brilliant hacker native of Oakland, joins Dedsec to denounce the misdeeds of ctOS 2.0 and the corruption that gnaws at those behind this system. Take advantage of those around you with your hacking skills, and get the upper hand on ctOS 2.0 and its agents in order to achieve the hack of the century!

Street Fighter V

The latest title in the famous Capcom franchise, Street Fighter V immerses you, like its predecessors, at the heart of the intensity of the one-on-one combat. Meet Ryu, Ken and the other legendary fighters of the series, for a new adventure taking place between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV. Compete against opponents from all over the world, and climb the steps of the leaderboard!

Hello Neighbor

What would you do, child, if you heard screams coming from your neighbor's house? Well in Hello Neighbor, infiltrate the latter, and find out what's going on in his basement. Easier said than done, this one is well kept, and your neighbor will hunt you down relentlessly to keep you from unlocking its secrets.

Infinite Minigolf and The Turing Test also join the catalog.

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