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PlayStation Now: Shiver with fear with this horror selection!



PlayStation Now: Shiver with fear with this horror selection!

PlayStation Now, scare me! The gaming service catalog has no shortage of horrific experiences to chew on. Here is a selection of oppressive or terrifying titles, available in streaming now!

Resident Evil 7

First part of the saga (excluding spin-off) playable in first person, Resident Evil 7 takes you to Louisiana. Not for a tourist visit to the Bayou, but to find your missing wife. Your investigation leads you to the home of the Baker, a psychopathic and cannibalistic family, which ends up kidnapping you. Escape by all means!

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is one of those immersive experiences that can be enjoyed even more in the dark. Thought like a slasher, the title follows a group of students isolated in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Their stay, however, turns into a nightmare when a murderer invites himself to the party. Make the right choices, pass each QTE and unlock one of the game's happy endings … or not!

Hello neighbor

Jump scare and tension await you in this independent survival horror from the studio Dynamic Pixels. Infiltrate the home of Theodore Peterson, your mysterious neighbor, and find out what's going on in his basement. Easier said than done. The latter has long been a master in the art of stalking. In spite of everything, will you manage to lift the veil on its secrets?


Developed by the creators of the nerve-racking Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA transports you to an underwater complex rife with chaos. Explore the terminals to find out what happened to the PATHOS-II station and find a way back to the surface. A mission during which you will come across strange creatures, all to be understood in different ways.


A gothic city struck by a strange evil, very disreputable inhabitants, terrifying and titanic creatures … such is the setting of Bloodborne, a title which will put your dexterity and tenacity to the test through the most punitive combats. . Your sharp weapons and dodge ability will be especially useful to you in surviving in this dark world!

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