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PlayStation Store has been suspended indefinitely in mainland China




Due to suspected security issues, Sony ’s PlayStation store has temporarily closed in mainland China.

The PlayStation store went offline in the area this morning, but so far, we have n’t had official news about when to return.

According to a Chinese PlayStation Weibo account, the online store was closed due to a security upgrade. However, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad has brought Twitter details into Twitter.

“The PlayStation Store – PSN – has been suspended in Mainland China at 7 am on May 10. There is no time or date for resuming services,” Ahmed wrote on Twitter. "The official reason given is for a security upgrade. But it is not clear what this means.

"The only reason I am posting this news is that I do n’t tell you, because Xbox fans claimed (similar to Twitter ’s Chinese Weibo website, Weibo) that they reported certain backdoor elements to the relevant authorities. These elements It is easy to switch to overseas services. "Ahmed continued. "It was removed immediately afterwards. So, let's see what happens."

"Starting at 7 am on May 10th, the PlayStation Store (PSN) has temporarily ceased operations in mainland China," Ahmed wrote. "The only reason I posted this news is that I don't lie to you because Xbox fans claimed on Weibo that they reported certain backdoor elements to the authorities, and these elements are easily switched to overseas services."

In a follow-up tweet, Ahmed added that PlayStation stores in mainland China only offer approved games, which means that the security update is unlikely to be the cover of the country ’s government search for games that threaten its policies.

He wrote: "Chinese stores only have officially approved games." "If there are, we will investigate possible backdoors for overseas PSN services."

So far, there is no actual evidence that this store has been compromised, but we will provide you with more information in a timely manner.

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