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PlayStation Store: Sony confirms shop relaunch



PlayStation Store: Sony confirms shop relaunch

Recently there were rumors on the net that Sony could revise its own PlayStation Store. There is now certainty in this regard.

Now it is fixed: The rumors about a relaunch of the PlayStation Store have proven to be true, because Sony has now officially confirmed corresponding plans. The digital shop for PlayStation games and content will soon shine in new splendor


Various PlayStation users have now received emails from Sony confirming the redesign of the PlayStation Store. The relaunch is to take place via the web in the period from October 21 to 26, and then on October 28, 2020 on mobile devices.

Other reports from the run-up are also confirmed: Games for PS3, PS Vita and PlayStation Portable are no longer listed in the new store via PC and mobile, as are apps, themes and avatars for these platforms. Games can still be purchased on PS3, PSP and PS Vita

themselves through the store. Anyone who does not own any of the platforms mentioned will generally be presented with a tidier store in the future.

While PS4 games will still be available, there are no longer any apps, themes and avatars for the previous home console via PC and mobile,

but still via the PS4 itself. The new store will also focus on the PS4 titles fully on the new PlayStation 5.

With the relaunch, the wish list will also disappear; all titles that you have saved on this are consequently lost in this form. It is not yet known whether there will be a new wishlist feature.

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