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Plume watches Gangs of London, the muscle series of the director of The Raid




New week, new Offside. the image of what we were already doing at the time of Joypad, Consoles + & co, we like to reserve a small place for “geekeries”, exhibitions, films, series … the opportunity to raise a little the head of the game .

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Every Monday 6:00 p.m., the editor offers you a little capsule outside (well, not always) of the video game. A moment recorded during our podcast where one or more of our members share a little more than the love of the pixel.

In the early 2010s, Feather discovered a film with completely maboule action scenes: The Raid. Having also consumed the suite without moderation, he decided to activate the bell for all that would relate to his director, the Welsh Gareth Evans

. It lasted a few weeks ago.

And our lover of good potatoes in the mouth and of buckshot singing immediately reacted and reserved several of his evenings to discover and taste, in total V.O., the series of which the filmmaker is the creator. It is the story of a family headed by the London fathers whose member is murdered, which will provoke a site of extreme violence. A pure concentrate of tension and action without concessions, that amateurs should appreciate …

He talks to you about:

Are you interested? Have you also looked? Do not hesitate to let us know your opinion but also your Hors-Jeux in the comments below!

next week !


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