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Pokemon anime has a curious Easter egg from Sol y Luna




Jessie with an Alola newspaper
The new Pokémon anime arrived in November on the occasion of the release of Sword and Shield. They introduced an adventure partner for Ash Ketchum and introduced the eighth generation Pokémon. From the beginning, this series has paid tribute to the original anime with continuous winks. Details that only the most fans of the franchise know how to appreciate, since they are sometimes almost imperceptible. And so, week by week, the most skeptical viewers are getting into their pockets with the new generation. One episode has had another very subtle reference to Pokémon Sun and Moon, but surely you didn't notice.

Last season, Ash finally achieved his goal, so it made headlines for a long time. Also in Alola newspapers

, where his feat was announced. But an episode of Pokémon has made a great reference to that newspaper when Jessie from Team Rocket has found the same copy as that scene, although many fans have accused the recycling animations from Game Freak. Now, will it be a deliberate nod to the Alola region or simple reuse of resources? Each can draw their own conclusions.

Meanwhile, the new series has shown that Team rocket has new and more powerful weapons to make their own. They follow the steps of Ash and Go that now they have signed up for a new tournament. But how did an Alola newspaper get to Galar?

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