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Pokémon Go Adventure Sync: weekly rewards and how to open and use



Pokémon Go Adventure Sync: weekly rewards and how to open and use

One of the side benefits of trying to be the Pokemon Master in Pokemon Go is that you are away from home-now you can use the new one Adventure sync

The system can link the game to the phone’s built-in fitness application for additional benefits reward.

If that is, you know How to activate it…

You will find that Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not only consumes these calories-in fact, even if the game is not open, it can also allow Pokemon Go to track your walking progress, so that Pokemon Go can hatch new eggs faster. Exclusive Pokemon Go Adventure sync reward.

This feature used to be unique to Pokemon Go Plus, but now you can use it without spending extra money. Of course, it encourages you to keep track of your activities. This is a win-win situation.

However, the trouble is: Adventure Sync is a new opt-in feature, you need to explicitly activate it in Pokemon Go and in the health app of your phone-this means that the process of activating it is currently on iOS and Android It varies, depending on which phone you use. On this page, we will detail how this feature works to make the most of Pokemon Go, and detail the weekly rewards you can get from the adventure sync.

Walking rewards and weekly rewards: all rewards obtained using “Pokemon Go Adventure Sync”

Once a week, Pokemon Go will check your fitness app and determine your walking distance.Then you will get Weekly rewardOr we prefer to call it, Walk reward, Depending on how far you have traveled. There are basically three categories of rewards- 5km award, 25km award and 50km award.

More than 50 kilometers will not receive any additional rewards, but each reward level is better than the previous one.

The rewards of 25 kilometers and 50 kilometers are also random: you can guarantee to get various types of Pokeball, The final reward position will be different, and you can give up stardust, eggs and even rare candies.It is worth noting that the egg-based rewards are not just ordinary 5km and 10km eggs-these special Adventure Sync eggs have different egg hatching methods, we will introduce them in detail

Adventure synchronization weekly walking reward

Weekly walking distance Adventure sync reward
5 kilometers (3.1 miles) 20 oke balls
25 kilometers (15.5 miles) 20 oke balls, 10 big balls and 500 stardust, 1 rare candy or 5 km egg
50 kilometers (31 miles) 20 oke balls, 10 big balls and 1500 stardust, 3 rare candies, 5km egg or 10km egg

Pokémon Go Adventure Sync: weekly rewards and how to open and use

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync: How to activate Adventure Sync on iOS and Android

Okay, so you are ready to accumulate distance outside of the app. One important thing to note-the Adventure Sync function is only available for trainers with certain experience. You need to reach level 5 or higher as a trainer level-so you need to take a little time to get into Pokemon Go first. If you are not familiar with the game, please check our quick upgrade guide for some tips on how to get started quickly. At that time, the option will open-the game will even remind you when you open and log in.

Once selected, you will need to allow Adventure Sync to be performed inside Pokemon Go and inside Google Fit or Apple Health, depending on whether you are using iOS or Android. It works as follows:

Activate Adventure Sync on iOS
If you are using the Apple platform, you need to Open the health app. Inside, Press the “Source” option.In this menu, you need Click on the option that says “Pokemon Go”, of course.Finally, in this submenu Click “Open all categories”, Or do it manually. That's it! Then return to Pokemon Go to get rewards.

Activate Adventure Sync on Android
If you have passed the Android ecosystem, this is a similar process, but in fact all processes are carried out in Pokemon Go. Click on the option in the game to activate Adventure Sync through the settings menu.This will prompt you Choose a Google account that can be used for Adventure SyncAnd you will be prompted Allow Pokemon Go to read your data from Google Fit. simple!

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