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Possible date of Metroid Prime Trilogy leaked for Nintendo Switch




Last month we sent you rumors that the development of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch could be underway and today we get new information that points in that direction. And is thatpossible release date for Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch has been leaked! Below we give you all the details on this matter that could bring back the acclaimed shooters trilogy starring Samus Aran.

As they have made known from the portal GameRant, Swedish retailer Inet has listed the Metroid Prime Trilogy release for Nintendo Switch set for June 19 of this same year. A more than striking date because, in addition to coinciding with the release of The Last of Us Part II on PS4 and it is rare that nobody wants to compete that day with the title of Sony, it is too close considering that the compilation has not been announced officially by Nintendo

. Of course, unlike what happens with many other leaks, June 19 will be Friday, the usual day of game launch.

On the other hand, assuming that the leak was real and considering that a physical launch in stores by that date has little room for maneuver, It could be the case that Nintendo's intentions were simply to launch Metroid Prime Trilogy only in digital format on Switch. Thus, the console eShop would be updated with the title and the distribution times would be reduced to zero, allowing the title to be ready by then.

In any case, we must take all this information with great caution because, as we have already explained, Nintendo has not officially ruled on the possible arrival of the Metroid Prime trilogy to Switch. Of course, it would not be at all unusual for the company to decide to make it available to us either in a remastered way or simply as a port since it is currently developing Metroid Prime 4 And it seems that it will take us a long time to get the glove on him.

metroid prime trilogy nintendo switch
Will Metroid Prime Trilogy be released for Switch?

We will closely follow the evolution of the matter to tell you all the information regarding the Metroid Primer Trilogy released on Nintendo Switch in case Nintendo officially announced it. So, we invite you to stay tuned to our website to find out if Samus Aran He will re-deliver shots left and right on June 19 or not.


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