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PS5 DualSense: Bloober Team wants to take advantage of the command in Observer: System Redux




Bloober Team, which announced last week The Medium for Xbox Series X and PC, has discussed the possibilities of the DualSense control on PS5 that you could take advantage of to Observer: System Redux, the review of his horror game Observer. The study seeks integrate the haptic response and adaptive triggers to improve the atmosphere, says project manager Szymon Ergmanski to GamingBolt.

"The haptic response and adaptive triggers seem like a great opportunity to provide extra information about the environment, crucial for every investigator, or to create a more suspenseful experience," something that points out that it is very important in the horror genre, where they are. specialized. "Surely we will use these new options to improve the dark and raw atmosphere that is present in Observer".

Observer: System Redux launches this year and brings the original story to PS5 and Xbox Series X with improved graphics, polished gameplay and a new story

. They do not rule out PC, although it could be announced later.

Techland also talked about DualSense

A few weeks ago Techland, the developer who works at Dying Light 2, commented that "haptic feedback and adaptive triggers can turn the game's tables in a much greater sense than people expect right now," allowing "a variety of powerful sensations to be felt when you play," for example. the resistance and vibrations of a car walking on muddy terrain.

In our special dedicated to this optical technology we tell you how it works and what it could offer applied to video games, which is much more than the vibration that has existed for decades in console controls. "We could say that optical technology offers a greater range or spectrum of tactile representation, offering those responsible for creating tomorrow's video games a better tool to transmit what they want to tell, whether from the impact of the blast wave of an explosion to the rain or to the slight thrust of the wind in a flight simulator, "we describe. in the article.


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