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PS5 event: Sony provides a welcome update for the next unveiling



PS5 event: Sony provides a welcome update for the next unveiling

Sony is updating the PS5 and the recently delayed events. Now, the publisher will reveal when you can expect PlayStation 5 to launch the game.

PlayStation fans should have seen PS5 games on the evening of June 4, but Sony has already delayed the event. The reason is the turmoil in the United States. After the death of American American George Floyd, countless Americans across the country protested police violence and racism.

It is unclear when Sony will catch up with the incident. At least now there are new notes directly from the publisher. Under the event video, Sony updated the description and reported on the game magazine “Push Square”. It said that Sony will communicate the new appointment “soon”.

The full text is as follows: “Update: This incident has been postponed. We will notify the new appointment as soon as possible.”

Predict the next event

The new note does not contain the new date, and according to the explanation, “soon” may mean many-days, weeks or months. But since Sony still hopes to release PS5 before the end of 2020, the event should indeed be carried out in the near future. After all, the publisher has run out of time until the publisher, the publisher finally wants to watch the game, and of course the console design. Microsoft has shown all of this to the competitive product Xbox SeriesX.

Maybe Sony will unveil a new date for the game, or show it directly in mid-June. We expect it to happen in June. If a new date for the event is announced, the performance time should not exceed a few days. This is how Sony handles the final revelation.

Then, Sony should show the design at another event-at the latest in July or August. We believe that it is unlikely that the design will be unveiled sometime two to three months before the launch.

Prior to this, the price of PS5 will also be determined. Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, now hints that playing games is not cheap.

The hardware, PS5's new DualSense controller-Sony will still pay the full cost for this. And, if you watched an impressive technical demonstration on the PlayStation 5, you might be able to understand the higher prices better than before.

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