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PS5 games: all games released on PlayStation 5 at a glance




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You can expect many game highlights of PS5, and multiple games have been announced. Here you can view all confirmed games for Sony PlayStation 5.

2020 game preview

Sony has provided a lot of information about PS5, whether it is technical data or the new controller DualSense. Eventually, all gaming machines related to the game have been confirmed, and multiple games have been confirmed.

In the following, we will introduce you which titles of PlayStation 5. Among them, you will quickly find well-known brands such as Rainbow 6, Assassin's Creed or Mud 5, as well as brand new works such as Godfall. We also list the type, issuer and announced release period in the table.

surnameTypes ofPublisher / Developerfreed
SkyfallactionGearboxEnd of 2020
Dirt 5Racing gameProgram managerEnd of 2020
OutsideractionSquare EnixEnd of 2020
Assassin's Creed ValhallaAction adventureUbisoftEnd of 2020
Rainbow Six: SiegeShooterUbisoftEnd of 2020
Gothic remakerole playing gameTHQ NordicUntil 2021
Lord of the Rings: GulumadventureDedridge2021
chorusactionDeep Silver2021
Gods and monstersactionUbisoft?
Agriculture SimulatorsimulationInterstellar Entertainment?
Rainbow Six QuarantineShooterUbisoft?
Starry skyrole playing gameBethesda?
WarframeShooterLeyou Technology?
Watchdog: LegionAction adventureUbisoft?
WRC 9Racing game??
Unknown title?EA?
Unknown title?Blue Dot Studio?

Confirmed PS5 games

More titles will be added, and we will update the overview regularly, so it is best to check back later.

You can hardly see any gameplay on PS5

The above games have almost no PS5 version of the game scene. There is a trailer in the video for the previously announced Godfall and alleged gameplay, but it has not been officially released yet.

Above, you can see the technical demonstration on PS5, which demonstrates the gameplay, but obviously it is not a published game. This demo shows the features of Unreal Engine 5, and knows how to impress people.

The official PlayStation Magazine announced that it will release PS5 games in July. Since the digital version of the magazine will be released at the end of May, you do n’t have to wait long to find new information about the game. Microsoft has released the Xbox Series X game.

These games may also appear on PS5

In another table, we show you which possible PS5 games are currently rumored. After all, there are some titles, such as "The Elder Scrolls 6" or "Dragon Age 4", little information about these titles, and may also be much later than the new game console.

surnameTypes ofPublisher / Developer
Battlefield 6ShooterEA
Beyond Good and Evil 2Action adventureUbisoft
Call of Duty: Black Ops 5ShooterPatriarch
Cyberpunk 2077Action shootingCD project red
Dragon Age 4Action role-playing gamesBiological Products
The Elder Scrolls 6role playing gameBethesda
Final Fantasy 7 remakerole playing gameSquare Enix
Ghostwire: Tokyo?Tango Frame
Ares 2actionSony
Gran Tourism 7Racing gameSony
Grand Theft Auto 6actionRock star game
Horizon Zero Dawn 2Action adventureSony
PlayStation All-Star Arena?Sony
Spiderman 2actionInsomnia game
The Witcher 4Action role-playing gamesCD project red
Unknown 5Action adventureSony
FIFA 21physical educationEA
Madden American Football 21physical educationEA

Rumors of possible PS5 games

In addition to the release date [end of 2020] and price [approximately 500 euros], there is a big problem with design. Sony still has to reveal the appearance of the game console. According to insiders, this will happen in the PS5 event at the latest by mid-June.

If you want to know which games will appear on all possible platforms in the future, such as PS4, Xbox One, PC or Nintendo Switch, then please check our game release list.

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