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PS5 is 100 times faster than PS4, say from Sony




The jump of the new generation It promises to be something huge compared to what current consoles offer. We have already seen the technical characteristics of Playstation 5 and it seems clear that there are obvious differences. However the Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, wanted to make it clear when talking about his new platform. PS5 is 100 times faster than PlayStation 4.

According to Yoshida, your new console will Ā«Revolutionize the gaming experience for usersĀ» thanks to its hardware, its command and the new games that are on the way. The boss of the firm, in addition to ensuring that we will soon have news about the PlayStation 5 catalog, has wanted to address one of the central issues of the bowels of the console, its SSD hard drive

. With a personalized design, it ensures that the technical figures of this ensure that will allow 100 times faster processing speeds than PS4.

PS5 fan design
PlayStation 5 fan design

The firm's CEO has also highlighted two key aspects for immersion in his new console. On the one hand, he wanted to review the potential of the DualSense and its haptic technology with responsive triggers; on the other hand, also consider that the 3D Audio unit of the console will lead to “Gaming experiences that were previously impossible”

. Sony is not only looking for a powerful console capable of bringing scandal games, but He wants players to feel more inside their future releases than ever.

Good words for a platform that arrives at the end of the present 2020. We do not know its price, its release date and its games, but at Sony they are very sure that they have the winning horse. We will see how the next-gen develops, but The competition between PS5 and Xbox Series X aims to be most interesting.


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