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PS5: Price, release date, pre-order-Sony announces event



PS5: Price, release date, pre-order-Sony announces event

If you want to pre-order the PS5, please check out Sony’s live events this week. The publisher may also reveal the price and release date.

Sony s howed off the PS5 performance in mid-September.  This may be crucial.  
Sony showed off the PS5 performance in mid-September. This may be crucial. (Source: Sony Screenshot)

PS5 will be released in live on Twitch or YouTube this Wednesday, September 16 at 1pm PDT / 9pm BST / 10pm CEST to see what’s next for PS5

Sony is likely to eventually get Host price Maybe. After all, Microsoft dared to take the first step a week ago and revealed the release date and all prices of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

PS5: This is how the console looks

However, Sony has not confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the company will also comment on these key topics during the live broadcast. Instead, it says you will see PS5 games in the 40-minute show. These are the works of PlayStation Studios and partner developers.

Waiting for you

  • The PS5 show will be released at 10pm on September 16.
  • Live broadcast lasts 40 minutes
  • PS5 games
  • Sony may reveal the release date, price, and pre-orders

You can safely assume that Sony will also confirm the release title. The Japanese publisher wrote that it wants to see PS5 and the games that will appear after it is released. You may see confirmed games such as “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, “Horizon Forbidden West”, “Grand Racing 7” and even possible new news such as “God of War 2”.

Sony is not involved in hardware at all, but don't be confused by it. In the editorial department, we are sure that Sony will answer at least one major question, perhaps all. In the evening, you may know when the PS5 and PS5 digital editions will be released, their prices, and when you can pre-order the PlayStation 5.

If Sony announces the start of pre-orders, it may not proceed on Wednesday night. Sony’s marketing department has announced that you will be able to prepare time in advance.

Possible price It has been circulating online for several weeks. Therefore, the PS5 with drive should $400 – $500.

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