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PS5 shows its size in these comparison images



PS5 shows its size in these comparison images

The moment we saw its design, we knew that the new PlayStation 5 it wasn't going to be a small console. Even with two models, Sony has opted for an unusual style in its next-gen console, with quite striking shapes and dimensions. Now, thanks to the United States Federal Communications Commission

, we can see some photos showing actual size of PS5.

Comparison photos with the real size of PlayStation 5

These photographs serve as a great complement to the dimensions and weight official PS5 of which we informed you recently. Sony has already given the data, but these images that Roberto Serrano has shared on Twitter serve to get a better idea of ​​what the console will occupy in living rooms around the world. It is not small, of course, although it all seems to be part of a strategy to improve its cooling and reduce noise.

It's going to be big, in fact, the PS5 box will be even bigger in size. We are going to have to get used to it soon, since it will arrive in our stores on November 19, somewhat later than in territories such as the United States. And you, Did you expect a PlayStation 5 with this size?

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