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PS5 Technology Demo: Video shows amazing graphics




Unreal Engine 5 is being used on PlayStation 5

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The gameplay was finally released on PS5. Epic introduced the new Unreal Engine 5 with technical demonstrations on PlayStation 5, and the graphics displayed are breathtaking. Click here to view the video.

Sony did not disclose the design or games of the PS5, but it finally has gameplay on the new console. This is thanks to the developers of Epic Games, who are introducing the new Unreal Engine 5 through a technical demonstration.

The demonstration is called "Lumen of the Namibia" and lists two core technologies of Unreal Engine. Lumen stands for "global illumination", which is dynamically related to the scene and lights in the game. Nanite should enable artists to directly and easily integrate detailed movie content.

Technical Demo: Unreal Engine 5 on PS5

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Epic showed Unreal Engine 5 in a technical demonstration.
[Source: YouTube Epic screenshot]

Epic Games illustrates this with the game scene running on PlayStation 5. It may not be a real game, but it has impressive graphics. Check it out in the video above.

The heroine walks through the cave system, and all the magnificent silhouettes of rocks, stalactites, cracks in the walls and pebbles show magnificent graphics. Epic here shows the features enabled by "Nanite".

Realistic lighting effects on PS5

When the lighting conditions change with the movement of the camera, "lumens" become themselves. Compared to many current games in the current console, the lighting effects on various objects are more realistic. In a scene, you can see the protagonist chasing the beetle with a flashing light source. Insects immediately respond to light.

At the end of the demonstration, you will once again experience an impressive and intense flying scene. It is best to see for yourself. But remember, even if everything in the video looks good, PS5 games will not look like this 1: 1. The technical demo is illustrative, but it usually looks better than games released by dealers in the future.

In the technical demonstration, developers can only focus on the display, and ignore many important things, such as the full range, controls or computer-controlled opponents.

PS5: The original pictures and concepts

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In addition to the concept, there are game discs.
[Source: VR4Player]

Sony confirmed once again that PS5 is still planned for release at the end of 2020. The game will be unveiled in May. The publisher will also show the PlayStation 5 design by mid-June. A new generation of game consoles is getting closer.

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