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PUBG PC test patch brings ranking mode, robots, etc.




Now you can install the new PUBG PC test patch on the test server and implement the long-awaited ranking mode, robots, etc.

The new patch is announced through the official Twitter page of PUBG Europe. You can view the following tweets.

"Update 7.2 is now available on the test server," read the shorthand version before some lengthy patch notes. "This update brings a long-awaited ranking model, improvements to Jerry Can, and changes to balance balance guns and AR weapons."

You can read the full PUBG PC patch notes here, or save time by staying on this page and carefully reading their short summary. First: the ranking model is here. Now you can improve your competitiveness. Secondly, from now on, the zombie program will appear on the PC server. If you are curious about PUBG players ’thoughts, check out their reactions when they initially added robots to the game. They are not happy campers.


The regular game with the robot will start at 10 pm Pacific Standard Time on May 14. There are up to 64 players in the ranking mode, supporting single, double and triple queues, and there are no treacherous robots at all.

For those interested in the game, the ranking rule set is probably the most relevant part of the patch note, because for online shooters, grading and ranking prerequisites are the standard requirements of the course. This is the rule set and it appears in the patch notes linked above.

  • Ranking mode games will be played randomly on Erangel, Miramar or Sanhok.
  • The ranking mode will run under its own game settings.
  • The unique Season 7 ranking settings include:
    • The overall increase in item loot
    • Spawn without Cross Bow
    • The red area has been deleted
    • The electric glider has been removed
    • The time and speed of the blue area have been adjusted to improve the pace of the game
  • The exact settings will be adjusted throughout the season, especially at the beginning of the new season.

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The changes to the ranking rule set will obviously be outlined in future announcements. The patch notes also include balance changes, mainly for assault rifles, shot rifles and armor, as well as a series of typical bug fixes.

If you want to extract the patch instructions in the form of a video, please check the PUBG Season 7 official patch report below.

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