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PUBG will update to a new map, which will change the game in season 9



PUBG will update to a new map, which will change the game in season 9

PUBG has introduced a new map that is different from other maps you have never seen in battle royale shooting games.

PUBG The 9.1 patch has arrived on the game test server on PC and brings a new Paramo map, which is a smaller 3×3 Km arena with an active volcano.

Compared with other PUBG maps, Paramo is unique in that its layout and weather conditions change with each game, thereby changing the location of major landmarks and changing the terrain of each area.

Lava flows from the active volcano in Paramo, forming a volcanic lava flow, causing damage to players and vehicles.

Throughout the new map, you will encounter item boxes containing loot.

Paramo supports up to 64 players and is currently only available in third-person teams. Compared with other maps, it has no red area, and the blue area does more damage, but it shrinks more slowly.

Unlike other maps, you are flying in a helicopter instead of a cargo plane, which is important because the same helicopter will also return to carry the care kit.

When shooting, the chopper will drop what it carries, which is unique to this map. The airdrop itself will contain unique items that can't be found anywhere else, such as a critical response kit, which allows you to revive a fallen teammate in a second.

When today’s update is released to the real-time server, it will launch the 9th season of the game, which will be themed on maps. Season 9

introduced the paid currency G-Coin, which works similarly to Call of Duty Points and other virtual currencies.

Players can load loads in the in-game store to purchase cosmetics. Of course, with the new season, a new battle pass is coming.

This update also adds some balance changes for the Beryl M762 assault rifle and SLR DMR.

Beryl’s damage has been reduced, and the first shots of vertical and horizontal recoil have been increased.

SLR also reduces basic damage and increases ADS recoil. Its damage reduction will also be advanced by 15%.

As usual, the 9.1 update is expected to be released on the live server next Wednesday and next week.

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