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QR codes and custom designs for Animals Crossing new horizons: download NookLink and open Able Sisters



QR codes and custom designs for Animals Crossing new horizons: download NookLink and open Able Sisters

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | QR codes and custom designs

In “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” there are wardrobes full of beautiful clothes, but giving your villagers some custom-designed talent is unparalleled. Fortunately, Animal Crossing: QR Code of New Horizons Let you download the best works from all over the world through the magic of black and white squares. Or, you can use your creativity and personalize your design based on your own personalized design.

In addition to QR codes, once you become friends with Able Sisters and open their store, you can enter alphanumeric codes to share and download new custom designs.

QR codes and custom designs for Animals Crossing new horizons: download NookLink and open Able Sisters

But first, to start using QR codes, you will need a smart device that can access the Apple App Store or Google Play store. This can be a smartphone or a tablet.

In addition, to obtain NookLink and scan the QR code of animals crossing new horizons on Nintendo Switch, you need to pay for the Nintendo Switch Online service. The annual fee for a single account is 18 pounds, 20 euros or 20 dollars – the family pass for 8 accounts is 31.49 pounds, 35 euros or 35 dollars.

It can be purchased from the official Nintendo website. Yes, this is not ideal, but Tom Nook's fabulous Hawaiian shirt did not make money for himself.

Animal Crossing: QR Code of New Horizons-How to download NookLink

Don't just search “NookLink“In the app store of your choice. To download and scan Animal Crossing: New Horizons QR code, you need to download the” Nintendo Switch Online “app first.

Its pictures are two Joy-Con's Nintendo Switch logos, with “online” below.

Now, when you open the application, you should treat “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” as “a game-specific service.”

Next, you need to prepare Animal Crossing on the Switch console. Open Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch, and then press “-” (minus sign) on the title screen.

This will open the settings menu where you can enable NookLink through NookLink settings.

After linking the smart device and the console, you can now transfer items generated by Animal Crossing: New Horizons QR code between the two.

Entering the “New Horizons” game, you will be able to use the “Custom Design” application on Nookphone. To unlock the Pro part of the app (so that you can put the design on the clothes on the tank top), you need to visit the “Nook Stop at the Resident Service” and unlock it with 800 Nook Miles.

Animal hybridization: custom design of new horizons-how to open Able Sisters & # 39; Shop

After spending a few days on the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” island, once you can access the Able Sisters store, you can upload your own custom designs. They will provide you with the creator code and access the online section where you can generate code for your design.

QR codes are applicable to patterns generated by earlier versions of Animal Crossing Games. If you do A new design in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, you will receive an alphanumeric code that can be entered in Able Sisters' store Get a project.

To open Able Sisters' shop, you first need to talk to Mable when he visits your city square where you sell clothing. After spending a lot of time designing existing designs, after several visits, she will find the opportunity to open a complete tailor shop.

After opening the Able Sisters store, remember to talk to Sable and Mable every day. She will be very harsh at the beginning, and will eventually tell you more about her backstory and provide you with her own personalized design.

How to use animal crossing: New Vision Custom Design Pavilion

A few days after choosing a location for the store, it will open. Inside, go to the back wall of the store and you will find a computer kiosk.

Interact with the kiosk and you will be able to connect to the Internet. By subscribing to Nintendo Online, you will be able to search for custom designs using the creator code or commodity code, and share your own designs.

Where to find the best animal crossing: custom design and QR code for New Horizons

As for where you can find cool QR and code items, the best place is Animal Crossing: an online community of New Horizons players.

These include ACQR subreddit (link), and search ““Animal Crossing QR Code” on Twitter (link).

Or you can Create your own QR code By uploading jpeg to ACToolKit (link).

In these places, you will find fabrics, tops, dresses, shorts, hats and prints, all of which are conceivable.

There are cute, stylish clothing designs, role-playing of your favorite characters, but the most important thing is: memes. Memes are where the eyes can see.

Here are some of our favorites we have seen so far.

For flat printing, you only need a QR code. However, if you extend the design to 3D objects (such as T-shirts), then you will need 4 QR codes to capture each side. Otherwise, simply enter the code at Able Sister to create a new pattern.

Breath of the Linked Wilderness Vest:

Uploaded by u / Zilto1d

Paved cobblestone paving:

Uploaded by quadpresso, uploaded by spookykitty666

Baby Yoda:

We all want to protect children.

Destiny jacket:

North Face Jacket:

Uploaded by goobyofpls

A cute leopard sweater:

Uploaded by u / catgirrl

Top “Totoro” Hoodie:

Uploaded by u / milkytf94

Ash's hat and coat in Pokemon anime:

animal crossing new horizon

Uploaded by Poiosaurio

Team Aqua clothing by Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire:

Adidas sportswear:

Uploaded by Hotbunsinyourarea (code link here)

“Dr. Mystery” equipment of the Matt Smith era:

Naruto headband:

Uploaded by Mouse-flavored

For more designs, please watch NerdAttack's video! There are 500 animals floating through the QR code, including Assassin's Creed, characters, wonders and DC super heroes, so you can fill your island!

crossing animals

For more information, check out the full page of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide.

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