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Quantic Dream will launch its games on Steam next June




Since last year, the latest releases by French studio Quantic Dream have ceased to be exclusive to PlayStation. So much Detroit: Become Human how Heavy rain and Beyond: Two Souls have ended up coming to PC through the Epic Games Store or physical releases. However, the developed has now announced the arrival of these three games to Steam the next June 18. To celebrate this announcement, the three titles have received a demo on Valve's platform.

Detroit: Become Human, the latest game of all, features a interactive adventure in a futuristic world where androids are personal assistants to humans and look just like people. The plot focuses on the development of these machines, which begin to evolve until they have their own emotions and feelings when they are mistreated or go through difficult situations, which begins to be a problem for humanity. The game will include an extension on Twitch for the community to vote on decisions.


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