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Red XIII can be played in Final Fantasy 7 Remake using the save editor




Thanks to the save editor, you can now play the role of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Red XIII in a short time.

The save editor was created by Xeeynamo, and although it is restricted, it allows you to manage your own Final Fantasy 7 Remake According to SP1st's inventory, material and character level, and allows Red XIII to be fully played within a limited time.

As the website points out, due to the party reset after the main cutscenes, you can only use the character for a short period of time. But at least you can play Red XIII for a short time.

This is the actual Red XIII used:

If you do not use an editor, the character cannot be played in the main game, and you can only enter the story as a guest character controlled by AI.

"Final Fantasy 7" Remake co-director Hamo Naoki (Naoki Hamaguchi) told us in March that Red XIII joined the game very late and there was not enough development time to make him a playable character.

"We feel that the time for Red XIII to join the story is very late, so we think it is okay, if we want to make him a complete character, and try to let players enjoy his character development arc and grow through this character, there is not Enough time to do this, "Hamaguchi said.

"We think the best way to get him involved is as a guest character. Normally, throughout the game, you will play in the form of a party of three, but you will invite him as a guest character at the end of the story Partly fight alongside you. "Hamaguchi said. "He will use all his old nostalgic moves, as you will see. We think this is the best way to show off his role and who he is. This is why we think this is the best way to accept him. "

If you are just jumping into the game, please check our combat skills before playing the game. We also provide information about Moogle medals, unlocking materials, and information about level caps, new game enhancements, and more.

Now on PS4, the game will only be used on the console for one year.

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