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Release in September and new »story« trailer




That could be you from September. That could be you from September.

Paradox has finally revealed the release date of Crusader Kings 3, from which September 1, 2020 may you embody a monarch in the medieval strategy game and your dynasty lead to world fame between the years 876 and 1453. Every aristocratic rank can be played from the baron to the emperor – if you like, you can start as a Viking chief or as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

In the »Story« trailer (see below) Paradox is already doing royal mood-making and shows you some challenges of being a monarch. We put the quotation marks because Crusader Kings 3 doesn't tell a pre-built story, instead you write your own story through your decisions and interaction with hundreds of medieval characters from the Pope to the road builder.

Crusader Kings 3: Release date and fratricide in the story trailer


Crusader Kings 3: Release date and fratricide in the story trailer

No revolution, but more role play

The developers emphasize that compared to the – in terms of play – very similar – Crusader Kings 2, Crusader Kings 3 is not a revolution, but rather should deepen its strength: role-playing! You can now adjust your ruler even more to your own preferences. Three innovations are particularly helpful:

  • Lifestyles: You determine the personal style of government of your monarch, for example whether you are going to be belligerent or diplomatic, or whether you manage your prvons skillfully. In this way, you also gain experience in the respective area and unlock new skills that make you more and more expert.
  • Dynasties: As in the predecessor, you belong to a family, which, however, now collects fame points – the more crowned heads it includes, the more meters trickle into the family account. With this currency, you then unlock cross-generational advantages for the entire tribe, such as a strengthened bloodline (better heirs) or a tendency to intrigue (more successful attempted murder).
  • Self-made religions: Crusader Kings 3 includes a complete religious construction kit, with which you can build your own faith and spread it in the medieval world. How about, for example, nature worship and sacred lying?

Who could give a more competent overview of the most important innovations than colleague Maurice Weber, who already thinks and talks like a medieval feudal lord:

Crusader Kings 3 - It could be the best medieval RPG, but best strategy gets harder


Crusader Kings 3 – It could be the best medieval RPG, but best strategy gets harder

Great cover story for Crusader Kings 3

Michael Graf has also played Crusader Kings 3 for over 30 hours and has so much to tell that it is almost enough for a preliminary test. So Crusader Kings 3 has its dark sides, but also outstanding strengths – including a feature that will be an absolute must for future strategy games.

There is everything in the cover story: from crusades and witch burnings to incarcerated heirs and poisoned brothers to the naked duke and glass king. Oh, and then there was the double flesh lust of cannibalism and sexual expulsion in the context of religion. So you are warned.


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