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remembering the SSX, Tony Hawk and many more




A few months ago it was a rumor, now it is news. Tony Hawk's Pro Skate 1 + 2 returns to the fray on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and for those of us who remember our childhood playing these titles, just after school can only mean one thing: nostalgia. A trip back in time to a golden age flooded by extreme sports games. Where our fear of posing both feet on a skateboard was resolved with a controller running infinite grinds and defying the laws of gravity.

Snowboard Supercross featured 4 titles for the Sony console.

But not everything in life was going to be skate. And although something similar has discipline, SSX (Snowboard Supercross) allowed us to perform unrealistic tricks on gigantic slopes that today do not exist in real life. The premise was simple, you choose a garish outfit, a board and go down the mountain to perform incredible tricks. Besides going to breakneck speed and defy all physical law

SSX allowed us to even get to grind helicopters, quite a simulator of a snow excursion on a Sunday.

The devil on wheels

Another of the extreme sports games that was present in the PS2 genre was Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2. It was a subtle way of not keeping those who prefer to fly on two wheels away from the Sony platform. And although he was not as popular as his brother Tony Hawk´s Pro Skate, it is a perfect alternative for those who opt for a BMX instead of a skate.

Another sport that was gaining popularity among the streets was parkour. And although it did not fare so well on consoles, it had a delivery versioning this street sport under the name of Free Running for PS2, which later I would receive a port for PSP. A game that resembles the idea of ​​Pro Skate, completing missions to access different areas and advance to other maps.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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