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Resident Evil 8 will be one of the most "horrifying" and darkest in the series, according to an insider




Resident Evil 8: Village, the supposed new horror game from Capcom, will be one of the most unpleasant (in a good way) of the long-running saga. The insider Dusk Golem, frequent in the unofficial information about this series and Silent Hill, aim that this delivery be darker than the saga is used to.

Through his Twitter account, Dusk Golem notes that he is "excited" by the official announcement of the game (despite the leaks from different sources, Capcom has not spoken), and adds that it is "by far the resident Evil darkest and most horrifying to date ".

Responding to another user of the social network who asks for more information, the insider I did not elaborate, but made it clear that we will face terrifying creatures, according to their own sources: "Get ready for some of the most disturbing enemy designs in the series resident Evil".

The insider reaffirms that Sony Japan Studio works in a Silent Hill

In the same messages, the filter is reaffirmed in the rumors that he shared in the past about the new potential Silent Hill: "Apparently it will be revealed soon, I really want it." He says he still believes in the information he shared, but has "healthy" skepticism about that data.

Specifically, it refers to leaks that have been around in forums and social networks in recent months. According to Dusk Golem, Japan Studio locks in a new Silent Hill along with Keiichiro Toyama, Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito. East insider He says that the game in the saga directed by Hideo Kojima was in negotiations, but that it did not come true.

Back to Resident Evil 8, and following with unofficial information, during the last months numerous details of the game have been known. The title will be a sequel to Resident Evil 7, to have the same protagonist and I know how to play in first person. Take us to a snowy european town where a strange virus drives the inhabitants crazy, whom we will have to fight alongside witches, a type of werewolf and other supernatural creatures. Will be featured in an upcoming Sony State of Play for a launch in 2021.


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