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Respawn ex talks about strange Titanfall 2 release




Titanfall 2 was released just one week after Battlefield 1, a movement that nobody understood and that made the game sink in sales as it was an FPS proposal with a target audience more or less close to Battlefield. On the other hand, critics rose to the Respawn game, while DICE's had a mixed reception.

Through the years DICE and their Battlefield 1 have been blamed of the poor sales of Titanfall 2 and causing certain doubts about Respawn, some doubts that have dispelled with two great successes such as Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

As collected in MP1ST, a former developer of Respawn has spoken about that fact and has given his opinion. Drew McCoy, a former Respawn developer who is now in the Gravity Well studio, comments around the 54th minute of the following video on the release of Titanfall 2.

“I think it hurt us in the sense that competitive multiplayer games are a zero sum situation for players. If you are not one of the five most played shooters in the online space, you are a “dead game” in quotes and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because the players convince their friends not to play the game “Ah the game is dead” don't play

, come play this other game with me, everyone else is in this game with me. Everyone wants to be in the popular crowd ».

The launch, which brought them together with the departure of two fierce competitors like Call of Duty and Battlefield, caused Titanfall 2 to fail. Who knows what would have happened in another situation.


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