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Restaurants, bars and other slums of pixel culture




The video game world count with one imaginary so abundant that it would be impossible to collect the number of locations that are repeated throughout different genres, times or styles. It is true that some of them are more familiar to us and it is also true that others we would prefer not to exist in real life. If you want, now that we are in full de-escalation, go to a bar inside a video game let me show you my five locations favorite.

The Pelican Inn

exist sagas, in any spectrum of art, which are admired almost all over the world. On this occasion, he could not miss the opportunity to name Uncharted, in its third part, as a place where spectacular locations have accumulated. And speaking of bars, I think The Pelican Inn, the London bar that appears at the beginning of the adventure, can be ideal for get into the action of a title that tells his hours of play in the form of left and right fists, bar conversations and adventures from a couple of beer mugs.

Every self-respecting pub, such as the one that appears in this title, must have its pool tabletheir beer shooters very cold, some tough guys wanting to fight, a rear exit that gives a poorly lit alley and with metal garbage cans, an old bullseye and of course a hidden room from the general public, for those shady businesses that are so popular in the underworld. Drake and Scully They know how to handle themselves in these situations, although I am not sure that this is my ideal bar.

The Gates of Hell

If anything the Nintendo fans is that the company does not end with the adventures of Mario and his friends. Despite the fact that the company tries to get out of its conventionalities, from time to time, it is inevitable that the public will keep it in mind as a family entertainment company

. Bayonetta, one of the titles that more fans have accumulated over the years, has a mix between the fantastic, the sensual and the supernatural. All of this is what it smells and is perceived in the den The Gates of Hell.

This place, run by Rodin, the person in charge of facilitating arms to the protagonist of the story, is located, apparently, in the city of NY, although hides many mysteries inside. Perhaps it is the concoctions that are prepared inside, the got damn who visit it from time to time or, why not, the weapons and portals between dimensions, those that give this bar a special mystique.

The Fighting McDonagh’s

Despite not being an expert in video games, rather a regular player with passion intact from an early age, I think that Rapture is possibly one of the most emblematic places in history recent of this noble art. Within this lost city we could find the tavern called The Fighting McDonagh’s


Created by Bill McDonagh, this bar wants to be a souvenir from english pubs, although, like everything in this city, it is abandoned to its fate. In the golden age, this tavern served so that the workers could relax after long hours of work. The civil war in Rapture it was the end of the city, in addition to condemn this bar to an underwater ostracism until the end of days.

Café de la Chandelle Verte

No graphic adventure buff I would dare to ask what location I am talking about. This time, in one of the most spectacular beginnings I remember in a videogame, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of Nico and George, French photographer and North American tourist, who due to life circumstances see their destinations come together after a tragic explosion in Paris.

The Café de la Chandelle Verte is he starting point of a history that has taken us to travel the entire world, embarking on a thousand adventures and mysteries worthy of Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes. This idyllic cafe becomes the scene of a horrible trying, locating the origin of an investigation into the murder, by a mysterious clown, by a man named Plantard. If you want to know what happened next, I recommend playing Broken Sword: The Legend of the Templars.

Scumm Bar

I'm like Grandpa Chive. I can't help remembering video games when I think about older titles, perhaps because they awaken memories in me. In this case, the pirate bar from this graphic adventure from the 80s. If you wanted to be the most feared pirate on the island, a little complicated at first calling you Guybrush threepwood, you had to enter the filthy establishment and talk to the three pirates that were at the back of the premises.

This bar had the denomination Scumm in tribute to the graphics engine that was used by LucasArts and it had the same name. Inside, in addition to being able to talk to other minions, drunken cabin boys and steal fish from the cook, you had to pass a test for each leading pirate. If you did, in addition to drinking grog, you could become the pirate that you always wanted to be. And who doesn't?


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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