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Rockstar is preparing a remake of Red Dead Redemption



Rockstar is preparing a remake of Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar continues to work on several projects for the next generation of Ps5 and Xbox One X consoles, and one of them may have been discovered by someone with information close to the announcement. After the huge success of Red Dead Redemption II, the company would like to give more strength to the saga by returning to its first installment. How? With a remake of the first Red Dead Redemption that it would arrive as soon as next year to consoles and PC.

Like all rumors, it is something that must be taken with tweezers until the company takes the corresponding official step. As reported from GameRant

, Rockstar would announce the remake of RDR this year, who would have planned go on sale in the first half of 2021
. It would not be a DLC for RDR 2, but a complete and separate release with which to relive the original story of John Marston.

Red dead redemption
The first Red Dead Redemption looked pretty good in its generation

The project would be under development with the aim of reaching PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Also, it wouldn't be the only thing Rockstar would be involved in regarding this franchise, as it would also be working on a expansion for Mexico-based Red Dead Online, perfect to fit with what is told in the first game and what happens in it.

If true or not, it would not take long for the signature to reveal it, nor would we have to wait long to know if it is false. The new consoles will soon show more games coming to it, even Sony has a pending presentation packed with PS5 games due to be held soon. Will the Red Dead Redemption remake be among those titles?

▪ Release date: 05/21/2010

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