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Ryan Reynolds would be the ideal Saitama in this One Punch Man poster




One Punch Man has some really fun moments that could be seen on the big screen if Sony decides to make an anime movie with all the law and, with this thought, many fans have already pointed out that Ryan Reynolds could be a great candidate for the role of Saitama. Hence a fan has set out to create the poster for the future movie with the image of the famous actor who gives life to Deadpool.

Below you can see this poster that it shares Zarting on Reddit

and that we more reminiscent of a book cover than a movie poster. However, the image of Ryan Reynolds as Sait ama draws us
And we wouldn't be displeased to see the actor play this role in the One Punch Man live action movie.

My roommate and I think Ryan Reynolds would be a great Saitama, so I made this poster. desde OnePunchMan

We don't know if the actor would be interested in playing Saitama, although knowing his comic streak and his taste for superheroes, I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to convince him to accept.

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