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Saitama shows the force of his punch against 1 Titan




There is no doubt that Saitama's punches are tremendously powerful, so it is customary to see how their adversaries fly several meters further after impact, or end up in a devastating explosion that disintegrates the enemy. Come on, that in a fight that depends only on the fists, Saitama has to win and overpower anyone who comes near him. So we like this fan art, which achieves condense or summarize that absolute power of his fists in a single image.

Below you will see the work of Ryan Richmond at ArtStation and that shows us that Saitama's punches can kill even the Founding Titan

, transformation of Eren Jaeger in the anime Attack on Titan. And is that in order to defeat this Titan it takes a lot of strength and more expertiseIt is not easy to hit in such a direct way. With this mega-coup it is more than clear that Saitama can defeat anything.

Saitama vs. a Titan

What has caught our attention the most is that Saitama does not appear to have been fully employed

to undertake the attack, or at least that seems to us to judge by the image. Imagine what would have happened if he would have used all his strength to deliver the blow, probably would have disintegrated the head of the Founding Titan.

Cover image I Jason Kang at ArtStation

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