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Samsung Galaxy S20: how to activate secret 96 Hz mode




Smoother animations and longer battery life

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According to Samsung, the display of the Galaxy S20 can run at 60 or 120 Hz. But developers have now discovered a secret 96-Hz mode that guarantees smoother animations without putting too much pressure on the battery. So you activate it.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 obviously has a hidden 96 Hz mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 obviously has a hidden 96 Hz mode. [Source: Netzwelt]

The display frequency of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is 60 or 120 Hz. The latter option can make the animation smoother, but it also puts a burden on the battery. Now, the developers of the XDA Developer Forum have discovered a secret 96-Hz mode that provides smoother animations and reduces battery load.

Can be activated via command line commands. However, it will be easier to use the "S20 Refresh Rate Controller" application developed by XDA Developer user SatySatsZB. Available for free download on the XDA Developer forum. In another guide, we will show you how to install applications downloaded from the web.

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