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Samurai Shodown and seven other games coming to Epic Games Store this year




Epic celebrates spring with another batch of Epic Games Store releases.

of Epic Game Store Hope to start another size release. Today, Epic Games revealed that eight new games will enter the digital store throughout 2020.

Of course the biggest is Samurai knocked down. The game has not been released for PC, but it has been a long time since the PC was confirmed. It launched on PS4 and Xbox One last year, but the closest to the PC is Google Stadia. You can now use your PC normally.

Epic also revealed that seven other independent projects have entered the Epic Store. Fear SailingThis is a turn-based RPG game on a cruise ship, which was released on April 29 and is now available for pre-sale.

Completely reliable delivery service This is the second edition of EGS in April. The completely reliable delivery service is a cooperative game where you and your friends can deliver together by any means necessary. A physics-based sandbox game will be released on April 1, and you can list it today.

The latest April release is Titan industryThe game will be released on April 14. TitansIndustries is a management simulation game where you can build an industrial city, design factories and optimize production while competing with other AI-managed houses. It has no release date yet, but you can list it in the store.

Sludge lifeComing soon this spring is a surreal first-person game with two asshole cats. This is also a game about vandalism, graffiti and cranky. You can list it today.

Expires June 1 diagonal Is a free arena shooting game where you can play as egg-shaped little robots. Diabotical currently plays three modes on nine maps, and recently held an internal beta test.

In the bush Is a game where you can build your own hut in the wild, explore, craft and discover many natural scenery. This is a first-person survival game that encourages exploration and experimentation. It will enter the Epic Store this summer, and you can list it in the link.

Saturn A horror adventure game, set in Sardinia, Italy in 1989. Saturnalia will be available in the fourth quarter of this year, and it follows a group of strangers to the island to solve its mysteries. Saturn has rogue and lightweight mechanics, and each character has its own life. When they die, they die forever. The structure of the game also changes with the end of each game.

You can immediately list Saturnalia on the Epic Games Store.


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