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Scorn developers say the biggest difference between the next generation is not storage but CPU




Scorn director Ljubomir Peklar estimates that although all discussions about solid-state storage are under discussion, the real changer for the next generation of hardware will be determined by the built-in CPU of each console.

Scorn, currently developed at Ebb Studios, was originally designed as a pair of games for the Xbox X series (these have since been confirmed that these plans have been canceled, and Scorn will be released as a single story that can be played from the beginning).

In a recent interview with MSPowerUser, Peklar explained the reasons behind Ebb's decision to prepare for the next generation.

"We don't want (to bring Scorn into the current era) because we want our games to be played at 60fps," Peklar said. It is almost impossible without paying a huge sacrifice. The next generation is about responsiveness, smoothness and less waste of time. The problem with these features is that they are not easy to sell in videos or screenshots. "

Peklar continues to suggest that the next generation of functions will be mainly defined by the CPU.

Peklar said: "Everyone regards SSD as the next big thing, yes, SSD will be of great help in loading and moving assets." "But the biggest culprit causing the current generation of problems is the CPU. This is the same as the current generation. Compared to the biggest difference. "

Peklar added: “The next generation of hardware makes it easier because you do n’t have to do too much leg work, but you can focus on art.”

Last week ’s Inside Xbox game show showed Scorn for the first time, which is at least controversial. The event was initially marked as a gameplay display, consisting mainly of a series of pre-rendered shots, not far from the standard trailer.

"Microsoft has some messaging problems," Peklar said. "People expect millions of 3A-made games to show the next generation of visual effects, and most importantly, show gameplay."

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