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Silent Hill reboot to be revealed very soon, according to insider



The Silent Hill rumors they are gathering more and more strength. First came the hint of a PS5-exclusive reboot, then a sneaky comment from someone reputed pointing to a close presentation. Now, it is another insider closely linked to Resident Evil who has spoken about the game. Ensures that the new Silent Hill is coming soon, and that there are plenty of reasons to look forward to it.

Known for the information previously revealed about Resident Evil 8, or even the Resident Evil 4 remake, AestheticGamer, or Dusk Golem, He has discussed this reboot on Twitter. As he explains, "I don't know much about Silent Hill that I haven't commented on, apparently it will be revealed soon

so I look forward to seeing it ». He considers truthful what has been advanced to him, although he is a little skeptical to avoid disappointment. Which makes you have to catch the rumor with tweezers, like any other.

Along with this invitation to expect news about the rumored Silent Hill very soon, the insider also take the opportunity to talk about Resident Evil 8, although it does it to anticipate something that we had already heard: "It is by far the darkest and most disgusting of the saga".

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