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Skyrim’s Grandmother takes a break from the internet




Shirley Curry He has gained enormous fame for proving that video games don't understand ages. Known on the internet as the “Grandmother of Skyrim”, her popularity has been due to her focus on making video game streams and upload videos sharing their games with all viewers that passed through his channel. So much so, that it will even be part of Skyrim VI. However, the harassment does not understand ages, and the constant criticism from users has made it decide to take a break.

To explain why, has published a video in which he clarifies why he has decided to apply the brake. Accustomed to responding to all comments posted on her content, she ensures that “From now on, I will only reply to very very few comments. I will erase most »

. The reason for this is that all this is causing enormous stress, especially because the community does not stop trying to prevail. «I don't need you to remind me all the time», mentions about the games to play, «I poll all the games, I'm a gamer, if I want to play them, I will»

She is also tired of having to explain how active and passive she is playing Skyrim for playing a role, not in order to do a speedrun or achieve the highest level. Tired of the situation and the constant pressure, she has decided to rest a bit and change the focus. Something not only to enjoy more than he does, but also to feel better and not notice the constant pressure of who think they should tell him what to do and how to do it.

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