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Someone has found a fun (and gross) detail hidden in the One Piece manga



The adventures of One Piece have taken Luffy and his crew to very strange places like the secret island, whose villain could be inspired by the creator of Studio Ghibli. It is almost impossible to look at all the details that Eiichiro Oda has drawn throughout all these years, so some fun winks are still discovered in both the anime and the manga vignettes. Precisely a One Piece fan has discovered a curious and filthy hidden scene in One Piece chapter 604 that no one had seen. As subtle as it is priceless.

Reddit user GatlingGooner has shared his discovery on the popular forum, where he points to a hidden sequence in the bullets. Chapter 604 locates the action in the Fishman Island arc, where the Straw Hat pirates are fleeing from Caribou, Coribou, and their crew. But Luffy realizes that they are not going in a straight line due to sea currents. Then Brook and Franky intervene to explain about the temperatures and the marine currents. While this whole scene full of gossip happens, in the background Luffy is picking his nose

as you usually do when you are thinking. As the bullets advance you can see it in a small corner Luffy's finger to be wiped on Usopp's arm
. Even in the most serious moment, Oda added a pretty gross gag and revealed it in a Japan TV contest as you can see below.

Oda slyly drew Luffy picking his nose and stick the booger on Usopp’s arm (Chapter 604) desde OnePiece

Hidden detail in the One Piece manga
A Japanese television contest used it as one of his questions

Oda has always shown great humor in his cartoons and as revealed by his former editor Naito, the mangaka did this. waiting for readers to point it out in the next SBS. To everyone's surprise, the detail went unnoticed and nobody asked about it. SBS is a column of questions from the reader, where Oda has revealed the hobbies of the most wanted pirates, among other curiosities.

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