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Sonic prepares its 30th anniversary with new games



Sonic prepares its 30th anniversary with new games

Sonic has big plans for his 30th anniversary. The blue hedgehog, which has become one of the pets of the video game world, will turn 30 in 2021 and will do so accompanied by games. If this 2020 already served to see the arrival of Sonic to the big screen thanks to his film, it seems that 2021 will be focused on bringing us new Sonic games.

As they count in Dualshockers, a supplier buying guide contains information about Sonic 2021, the name with which Sega intends to gather all the news of Sonic in the next year. According to this guide, Sonic 2021 is «A year full of new games

, digital content, events, big ads and a bespoke licensing plan », something that undoubtedly points to the great Sonic announcement we were talking about days ago.

sonic the hedgehog
Sonic hit the big screen in 2020

Sega has been rest ing Sonic in major installments since 2017, when Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces were released, two games with different approaches to what the hedgehog is. While Sonic Mania advocated the retro and classic approach to Sonic

, Sonic Forces brought us a new story in 3D environments. Curiously, it was the first that triumphed in the critics, while SOnic Forces was received rather mediocre.

Perhaps those criticisms have served to define the new direction of Sonic, which will return to its classic style instead of continuing to force 3D and a more realistic style. Although, it should be noted that in the description of Sonic 2021 talks about games in the plural, so we could run into a situation like 2017, where we find two games. Even, to imagine, we can think that Sega celebrates the anniversary of Sonic in a similar way as Nintendo has done with Mario, with different compilations in HD.

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