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Sony marks October as PlayStation 5 launch month




Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a job offer for its Japanese division in which it is mentioned that the new generation console PlayStation 5 will be released throughout the month of October. This is totally unexpected news, as until now only a release at the end of the year had been confirmed. In this way, in the absence of last minute changes, Sony will present PS5 and will mark a day in October for its launch in the coming weeks.

Today we have received a second news from PlayStation 5, although it comes from a Reddit rumor. In it, it is mentioned that the console will launch in two different packs. On the one hand, the most striking has the console with a 1.65 TB SSD storage, costing 599 euros. Likewise, the new generation console would also come with 825 GB of SSD storage, with a price of about 499 euros.

While the PlayStation 5 launch month has taken shape with the "slight Sony leak", other important data such as its packs, prices or launch games remain a mystery. Everything points to the fact that the PS5 presentation event is still set in the month of June, so it will not be necessary to wait many more weeks to get out of doubt about all this data and many more.


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