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Sony reveals PlayStation Studios, the new brand for its exclusive PS5 games and this will be its start sequence



Sony just announced a few moments ago the PlayStation Studios brand, a seal that will be used only in all those video games that have been developed or published by Sony and that they will carry the different titles of this group that start to go on sale in the future PS5.

With the logo Sony has also shown a spectacular start sequence which will be just the one will appear in these games in question as soon as we launch them into the next generation console. You can check below how it will be in the next video.

To the purest Marvel style, in the sequence characters like Nathan drake, of Uncharted, Aloy, of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Kratos, of God of war

or also Ellie, of The Last of Us, among others. To find out what this brand really means, Eric Lempel, senior vice president and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has stated the following to the media

We are really excited about all of this. In recent years, and even in the last decade, the strength of the titles that came out of our studios has become stronger than ever. We have been thinking about how to bring all of these great games together into one brand, and really the purpose of this is to make users understand that when they see this brand they are preparing for a solid, innovative and deep experience of what they expect from games that come from PlayStation.

The future releases of PS4 and PC from the PlayStation Studios brand it is also possible that they bear this seal, although the opening sequence will not be present in titles such as The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima or the PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Playstation studios

Mainly the games that will be part of this brand will be those developed by studios like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule and Guerrilla Games, but it can also be seen in other titles that have been supervised by Sony itself. Also, the sequence may also present changes depending on the franchises that are appearing or the new characters that are becoming more relevant, but that is something that we will not see until PS5 arrives later this year.

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