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Sony won't attend Pax East for coronavirus




Stephany Nunneley
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, GMT

Sony has announced that it will not participate in Pax East 2020 next week due to "increasing attention" to the coronavirus.

The company announced on the US PS blog that it will skip Pax East 2020.

This is the complete statement:

Today, due to growing concerns about COVID-19 (also known as "new coronavirus"), Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to cancel its participation at PAX East in Boston this year. We think this is the safest option, because things change every day. We are disappointed to cancel this event, but the health and safety of our global employees is our top concern.

One of the games Sony brought to the event was Our Last: Part Two. The media dream, Iron Man VR and other games can also be played in the showroom.

Other cancellations or delays due to concerns about viruses include the Tapei Game Show, the PUBG Global Series in Berlin in April, and Switch to postpone Outer Worlds.

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