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Soon you can cook tourists with friends




In Cannibal Cuisine, a comic look hides a brutal world full of cannibals. In Cannibal Cuisine, a comic look hides a brutal world full of cannibals.

Cuteness and cannibalism, can that fit together? The makers of Cannibal Cuisine are obviously of the opinion – yes, of course! The game will be released on May 20, 2020 on Steam, where it previously ran in an open beta.

Inspired or copied by overcooked?

In Cannibal Cuisine you collect various ingredients such as fruit, vegetables or tourists. You can conjure up spectacular dishes either alone or in co-operation with up to four friends. So far, so overcooked.

Thanks to the cute comic look, the whole thing looks quite similar to the popular intellectual predecessor. The developers from the indie studio Rocket Vulture admit that quite bluntly, for example in the comments below their YouTube videos. They see their work as a winking homage.

But they also clarify differences: Thanks to the brutal topic, there is only an FSK approval from 16 years. Cannibal Cuisine is aimed at older players who are looking for macabre party fun with friends, so it has an older target group than Overcooked.

The setting is also different, you play as islanders who hunt tourists and make sliced ​​meat out of them in honor of the god Hoochooboo. The following gives you an impression of cannibal cuisine Trailer with a groovy soundtrack:

There are also various voodoo powers that make hunting people easier, for example you can spit fire. Guns and accessories are designed to give you even more ways to customize your character. The story campaign comprises 20 levels and four "boss challenges".

in the Multiplayer from Cannibal Cuisine you have the choice between online co-op, local co-op mode and PvP, in which you face different cooking challenges.

If you want to try Cannibal Cuisine without obligation, you can already download a free demo from the game's Steam page. The Purchase price will be 13 euros, but there’s a limited 25 percent promotion for next week’s launch.


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