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Square Enix gives away masks … but you have to pay $ 100 at their store




Square Enix It has also wanted to contribute its grain of sand to the situation of the coronavirus pandemic … although in a very particular way. In the same way that Disney announced its line of masks dedicated to Star Wars and Marvel, the Japanese firm has chosen to do the same. Give masks with your logo… but the players have to have previously spent $ 100 on your online store.

Square Enix gives away masks ... but you have to pay 100 d

Square Enix masks

As the players have shared on ResetEraSquare Enix gives away masks. However, to obtain them it is necessary to have made an order for 100 dollars in your online store, from today until next May 25. You can discover the announcement that has been sent by email to the players in the image that we have left you on these lines. "Increase your vitality +1"

, you can read.

The truth is This initiative has not liked the community of players. "I am not mad at this, although I accept that this is how some will feel, but I do admit that it is a bit strange for my tastes," wrote user sunsetsamurai. "I know I would feel much better if they provided these masks for free with any purchase.instead of using it as an incentive for people to spend more money, which feels too opportunistic. "Then Dead Prince adds:" They are not the first company to offer face masks with a purchase. I have received some emails from other companies – not related to video games – that have also done so, but 100 dollars is a little too much"

"I would feel much better if they provided these masks for free with any purchase"

In the case of The Walt Disney Company, in the United States they can buy packs of four fabric masks – with Pixar, Disney, Star Wars or Marvel motifs – for a price of $ 19.99, which seems more reasonable than Square Enix's proposal. In the case of the mask that concerns us, in the image we can see a black fabric that presents the logo Square Enix Members; However, in the online store The company points out that the actual product could be different. So far, the Japanese company has not offered any kind of statement in this regard.


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