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Square Enix: No online event planned




After the failure of the E3, every publisher goes their own way to announce their new games. Square Enix apparently relies on individual announcements.

The failure of the E3 h as upset the plans of the publishers to announce and introduce their titles. In the meantime, the companies are busy working on plans to digitally sell the upcoming blockbusters. Ubisoft, for example, is hosting an online event in June, EA Play by Electronic Arts is scheduled for June 12, and there are also several larger promotions such as the Summer Game Fest, which is to extend from May to August.

Square Enix does not seem to want to participate in this type of online event, since the creation of such assets for such an event would be too expensive due to the corona crisis. The publisher apparently wants to rely on conventional individual announcements for the upcoming titles. At least that's what tech reporter Takashi Mochikuzi from Bloomberg found out and immediately tweeted it out into the world.

We are very excited about the many options that the publishers are trying out this year, which can be considered useful for the viewer. If all of this works well, there are certainly exciting times ahead and the question arises as to what extent major events such as E3, gamescom or Tokyo Game Show still have a right to exist for the future.


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