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Steam promotion is only valid until tomorrow




Two very different Tomb Raider games are currently free on Steam. Two very different Tomb Raider games are currently free on Steam.

Lara Croft against boredom! Until tomorrow, March 24th at 8:00 a.m., there will be two Tomb Raider games for free on Steam: The Reboot Tomb Raider from 2013 and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. If you download one or both titles during this period, you can keep them permanently. However, there is another limitation, according to Steam, the offer is only valid "while stocks last".

What's in the Tomb Raider reboot?

The Crystal Dynamics action adventure tells Lara's origin story. At the beginning of the game, she is not yet the tough fighter from previous titles, but ends up involuntarily in her first adventure. Little by little she learns to deal with dangers and eventually becomes a survivor.

Tomb Raider was the restart of the series

, whose sequels Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider both did very well in our tests – with 90 and 91 points, respectively.

The first part is also a really good tomb raider, although puzzles and puzzles typical of series have largely been dispensed with. We took the Steam action as an opportunity to update the test again:

What was Temple of Osiris again?

With Guardian of Light there was Lara Croft for the first time from a top-down perspective. Temple of Osiris continues history and offers

for the first time a co-op mode for up to four players. If the new Tomb Raider games offer too few puzzles, you will probably be happy here: You will research Egyptian burial chambers, crack puzzles and find treasures in a very classic way.

The action is rather in the background, there are numerous unusual opponents and you can blow up almost anything you want. Thanks to numerous challenges, the game will keep you busy for a while if you want to play through it 100 percent. In the test of Temple of Osiris you will find all the important information.

In Temple of Osiris, brittle walls are no obstacle, after all, we have explosives. "Data-sizes =" auto "data-src =" the-temple-of-osiris_2594970.jpg "data-img-format =" 204 "data-img-id =" 2594970 "class =" responsive lazyload "src =" /core/images/placeholder.gif In Temple of Osiris, fragile walls are no obstacle, after all, we have explosives.

More interesting offers: Not only Steam offers you opportunities to fight boredom in times of exit restrictions and corona pandemic. Many games give you free bonuses for the next few weeks.

Coronavirus information and protections

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