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Steam would be looking to reward player loyalty with discounts and more




Today we woke up with a classic news: the leak of the date on which the Summer Sales start on Steam – June 25 -. However, this information has been accompanied by a series of novelties that translate into the following: they have found evidence that points to introducing a system that rewards players for their loyalty to Valve's platform. They point out that the prizes could be from digital items to discounts on games.

Valve wants to reward users

The information comes from Pavel Djundik, one of the people in charge of the enormous database Steam DB. "Valve is working on a loyalty rewards / rewards system," Djundik said on his Twitter account. "It is a point system, as well as a system to add reactions to the opinions of users. It also includes rewards items, points redeemable for badge levels, and possibly in-game discounts. "

These user reactions will arrive to detail user comments in a more descriptive way: "poetry", "hilarious", "moving" or "deep thoughts" will be some of these new reactions that players can add to their opinions. The only thing left is to see if these news end up appearing on the Valve platform or are they just ideas that the company of Gabe Newell is considering.

Players: faithful to Steam

Evidence of these new features has appeared among the files on Steam. It is there where they have also discovered that The Summer Sales of the platform will be held from June 25 to July 9. It is not strange to think that Valve, on the other hand, wants to reward the loyalty of its player bases: after all, It got quite a buzz at the appearance of the Epic Games Store and its exclusive games, direct competition of Valve. Gabe Newell, however, believes that the existence of the Epic Games service is positive: what scares him "is not the competition, but trying to prevent that competition from existing."


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